Some Reviews on Drill Presses

Drill presses are power woodworking tools that precisely bore spaced holes with great accuracy. Basically, a drill press consists of two types: bench-top and floor-standing models. Bench-top drill presses can be directly escalated on their own bases or into a bench. These are more appropriate for small-scale drilling job.

On the other hand, the floor model drill presses have more power, more accessories and attachments, and greater material handling capabilities.

Below are some of the more popular models of drill press.

Delta 17-950L

It has ½ horsepower, 120 volts, and 1720 RPM. It features an adjustable lamp that gives additional light to the work area, three-spoke pilot wheel with 3 and 7/8 quill stroke.

Delts 16.5″ Floor Model Drill Press

It is rated as the top quality and well designed floor model drill press. It has a low-top speed and is appropriate for woodworking jobs.

Craftsman 15-Inch Drill Press

This drill press is suitable for amateur metal or woodworkers. It features the column-mounted flexible laser. It makes it quick and precise to line up bits to the drill mark

It has a removable toggle switch, making it easier to transfer it from one place to another. You can mount the 3-spoke quill handle on either side of the head casting. It has an adjustable lamp useful in dim working conditions.

The large cast-iron table is flat that can facilitate clamping-on of the work pieces. This model also has a keyless chuck, 12 mechanical spindle speeds ranging from 300 to 3100 rpm, and a large 5/8 inch capacity.

Wilton 720R 3 Radial Arm Drill Press

This radial arm drill press is considered to be one of the best. It has a 2 horsepower motor that provides ample drilling capacity in most work pieces. Likewise, the arm raising safety device and the centralized controls make it safe and convenient to use.

It has a high torque load, good for heavy duty drilling jobs. It is also very accurate. It has a 6 speeds/3 feed rates, independent arm electric clamping system, 110 Volts push button controls, and electrical circuit.

Milwaukee 4206-1 Electromagnetic Drill Press

This electromagnetic drill press incorporates 3/4-inch motor and chuck. It features a solid state electronic switching, computer controlled reverse, forward/reverse control, full wave magnetic holding power and feedback speed control.

Hitachi B13F 10 inch Drill Press

This popular drill press is built to the highest standard. It produces very accurate and precise results. Hitachi Power Tools manufacturing company pioneered this model, incorporating 5 speeds with laser sighting for more accurate drilling. Its swing is 10 inches, 5 inches from the center of the drill chuck to column.

Rockwell 10 12-Speed 1/4HP Drill Press

This industrial-grade drill press incorporates a laser, appropriate for any garage or workshop. This is built for recurring and accurate cutting in most materials and shapes. Some of its features are a 0-45 degree table bevel for miter or bevel drilling, heavy duty construction for better performance, drilling mode ranging from 0-1300 rpm for high speed, fast release door locks for improved service and faster blade changes, and blade guide dial adjustment.