Some Shelving Options For Your Apartment

Need some shelving space for your sweet apartment? Get free standing shelving units that you can pack up and move easily from places like Target or DIY furniture stores like Ikea. They’re affordable, really easy to put together, and give you a great spot to store stuff.

If you just want a few shelves for books, DVD’s, or other small items, you should look into mountable single shelf units. Get a few of them and arrange them in a staggered pattern for that unique contemporary decor. It’s like art…or something like art at least.

You might also consider a corner shelving unit if you are looking to house just a few key items. You can buy a corner unit at virtually any big box or DYI furniture store. Some are a little more complex than others, so shop around to find the ones that fit your needs.

You could always try building your own shelves with shelving irons and some strips of ply wood. One really great idea for a room is to put a home made shelf high up on your walls, completely around a room. Then put decoration items and things you’d like to display all along the shelves.

Remember that if you custom build your own shelves though, you will need to remove them and repair any holes in the wall before you move out…if you move out.

In fact, you should never move out. Stay in your apartment forever!

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