Something About the Campus Bar

My friend Jimmy has been running a campus bar in one university for three years. I usually go to his bar to have a rest. When talking about why opening a campus bar, he told me that when he was in university, every time when his friends came to visit him, he had no proper places to welcome his friends apart from in the apartments or restaurants. He said a quiet and elegant place was needed for their communications. So after graduation, he opened this campus bar.

Usually the students will hold their birthday parties here and the bar has become a place where they can release their pressures. Undergraduates nowadays need to release the pressures from study and life. They need a place to chat with their bosom friends, so this bar has played an important role in the university.

Undergraduates are very happy with the establishment of this bar. In such an elegant environment, their manners become more elegant. I also think it is right to open a bar in university.

Also, this bar is the working place for some undergraduates who are poor or who want to accumulate some working experiences. They can come to the bar to serve the guests, cook coffee, make all sorts of drinks and get familiar with all the bar supplies. They get paid here, and they also practice themselves here. It is really a happy thing.

A campus bar expresses its culture essence to people through a healthy and active way. It is not only a place for drinking, but also a place where you can cultivate your elegance. A campus bar interprets its value and development direction through its healthy image; meanwhile we can see that the campus cultures have become more various.