Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Luxury Cell Phone – Exclusivity Embodied

Currently, everyone is on the steady move and needs to be very agile and rapid in whatever they do. Advanced and hi-tech electronic devices have become acquaints and companions for them. Today mobile phones are not mere a way to communicate with someone, but have developed as a chief style statement to full time servers supporting in each and every day to day activity. Now nobody can even imagine life without a gadget today.

Black and Diamond, the names of two very enthralling devices designed by Jaren Goh, which will be launched by VIPN, even if initial rumors connected these phones with Sony Ericsson. The color is jet black, and extremely special materials have been used in the manufacturing of this spectacular piece of work.

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond is made up of titanium combined with polycarbonate, with a crystal glass style like finishing and engraved with diamonds. Touch pad has been included as an alternative to the usual keypad. The lustrous illumination of this exceptional touch pad also enhances the graceful look of this gadget.

It is fixed with Quad Band connectivity along with WiFi. It is powered with 400 MHz Intel processor with 128 MB of SD RAM memory. It has Windows Mobile 5 operating system along with 262K TFT display and a 4 megapixel camera.

The market price of this particular phone is $ 300,000 and primarily only five pieces will be manufactured. The Black Diamond will also have one more edition, the White Pearl. As the name describes, the color will be white and pearls will be used in place of diamonds. The remaining features will be identical to the Black Diamond.

Separately from the 4 megapixel camera without the flash and no steering buttons, the OLED screen is placed at the back of the polycarbonate layer with mirror shield by which you can witness your face when you would want to check mail.

In general features are quite striking and outstanding. The meticulousness with which the lavish device has been developed is really commendable. Exceptional importance is laid upon the final touches of the phone.

The Touch pad is very elegant and prolific. It is completely diverse from the standard keypad which is usually used in this device. Unique resources like polycarbonate and titanium is used which is often used in the spacecraft. If you want to show off this, then surely it is the precise option to do so.