Soothing Bathroom Wall Mural

Is a custom wall mural in your bathroom the antidote to modern day stresses? Well, probably not entirely, but there can be no doubt that gazing at a serene image made to a wall mural can trigger fond memories, happy feelings, and relaxation. These pleasant experiences are beneficial to health. Many homes today are equipped with a master bathroom or master bathroom suite. The addition of a custom wall mural to this special room will make for a soothing retreat you will love to come home to.

You may wonder if a wall mural can hold up in a steamy room such as a bathroom. Perhaps you always dreamed of a Mediterranean seaside vista as you soaked in your bathtub or Jacuzzi after a long day, but hesitated for fear that the wall mural would buckle or peel. Let me assure you, a wall mural in your bathroom is completely doable.

The wall murals from are made of commercial grade vinyl wallcovering with a sturdy fabric backing. The wall space has to be prepared as it would for hanging conventional wallpaper. First, remove any old paper, dust and/or wash the surface. Eliminate all rough areas and fill any holes or cracks with patching plaster. Once the wall mural is up, it must be allowed to dry completely. This is the most crucial step and cannot be overlooked. The drying period must be quite long, as drying too quickly will cause separation of the wall mural edges. Cracking could also occur. The work should therefore be done at a room temperature of approximately 72° (20°C). In winter the room must be moderately heated. Keep the windows closed to avoid any draft.

Once, your wall mural is up and completely dry, apply two coats of polyurethane (always test for colorfastness and observe manufacturers instructions for proper application). Again, the key here is to allow the first coat to dry completely before adding the second coat. That’s all there is to it, and the results are delightful and breathtaking.

It is a treat for the senses to gaze at a lovely ocean sunset or rocky shoreline while relaxing in your master bath. You are subconsciously taken away from the present, so a bathroom wall mural is indeed a great stress reducer. Relax in your tub, gaze at your wall mural, and let the tensions of the day drift away. It is well known that water scenes or images with blues and greens have a natural calming effect on the human mind.

Treat yourself today to an affordable yet luxurious wall mural in your master bathroom. You’ll be glad you did.