Sorrento, How to Get There and What to See

Sorrento is one of the most beautiful places of Campania, a little less than 50 km from Naples, the town can be reached easily by land, and there are several services available for transfers from the station or from the port of Naples to the Sorrento peninsula. The peninsula, which takes its name from the Sorrento is a true natural paradise that stretches from the hinterland of Campania to the sea, the Gulf of Naples bullied by the famous Mount Vesuvius. Sorrento for climate, history, art, culture, scenery and hospitality is a place rich in tourism, because from there you can easily reach many towns and villages or move to the southern shore of the peninsula where there is Amalfi and then the now famous Amalfi coast.

Points of interest in Sorrento.

Surely as every country old and rich in culture, things to visit the Center, where you can still find traces of ancient Roman roads, the town is upstream surrounded instead by sixteenth century walls. In Sorrento is there to see the Duomo with its neo-Gothic façade, the Church of St Francis of Assisi and the museo Correale di Terranova. The climate in the town bell is typically Mediterranean, with mild summers and mild winters, the setting is very varied and rich in nature with citrus groves and Mediterranean maquis. The panoramic view is breathtaking, the sea on one side the hills on the other and the fantastic coasts of the Gulf of Naples. Recommended place for beautiful excursions in Naples!

Amalfi coast, a Unesco World Heritage site for 20 years.

The Amalfi coast in Campania, in the delightful and coveted Italian tourist land is almost reached the twentieth year of membership to unesco.

This means that the place perfectly meets environmental, artistic, cultural characteristics well defined and that can give to the visitor an experience of knowledge really particular. Here is the justification for inscription in Unesco (from ):

“the Committee decided to inscribe this site on the basis of criteria (ii), (iv) and (v), whereas the Amalfi coast is an excellent example of a Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values due to its dramatic topography and the historical evolution.”

That’s why cities that are part of this coastline are visited each year by excursions and visits of so many tourists from all over the world arrive in the main Italian cities before moving in the most remote areas and beautiful in the country. In Amalfi, Rovello and other villages set amongst the rugged Amalfi Coast riviera get there thanks to links almost exclusively terrestrial, but there are in place many services and resources that communicates the nearby Naples (with its naval port and its airport) with these villages that are often real gems among the sky, sea, nature and culture.

There are even some companies that offer customized tours in that area of Campania, services such as preparation of private excursions that provide experienced tourist guides speaking the main languages spoken in the world and that take tourists around the Amalfi on a trip pleasant and precisely customized, sometimes with aid of luxury, cars, buses and other means for those who are reluctant to give up the convenience of a Merry trip but also for those who have a desire to learn and discover places belonging to humanity. Here’s where you can find precise information for the tour on the Amalfi Coast: