Sound Damping Glue Preferred Over Mass Loaded Vinyl

When it comes to soundproofing – whether you want to keep noise out of your bedroom, insulate a home theater or build a recording studio – there are several different techniques to consider. One way to reduce noise transfer is to build more mass by adding a heavy more dense material such as mass loaded vinyl (MLV). Another method is constrained layer damping, which can be achieved with sound damping glue or soundproofing drywall. While both approaches (adding mass and damping) can help reduce sound, sound damping glue offers an easier, faster installation at a lower cost.

Adding mass creates a stiff partition making it a little more difficult for sound vibration to pass through to the other side. For best acoustic performance mass loaded vinyl should be installed directly to the studs following specific application instructions. For those who have existing construction this may require demolition to existing drywall, manually cutting the MLV to fit around electrical outlets and other necessary obstacles, applying it to the studs, and reinstalling new drywall over the vinyl to achieve maximum acoustic performance.

On the other hand, sound damping glue can be easily installed in new and existing construction on walls, ceilings, and floors and delivers high acoustic performance with no demolition in retrofit applications. Sound damping glue is a viscoelastic glue that, when applied between two rigid materials, such as wood or drywall panel, reduces airborne noise. Damping glue works by converting acoustic energy (sound) to thermal energy (heat), when the sound comes in contact with the glue. Unlike mass loaded vinyl, installation with damping glue is fast and easy. You simply apply the glue to the surface of a drywall panel and screw the panel right over existing assembly.

Not only is mass loaded vinyl more difficult and time-consuming to install, but it is also more expensive. Contractors will tack on extra labor charges for demolition or just even cutting opening around outlets and other penetrations by hand; however, soundproofing with sound damping glue will avoid these extra charges. Material cost is also higher with mass loaded vinyl, which costs about $2.20 per square foot. Sound damping glue, such as QuietGlue Pro, can cost as little as $0.60 per square foot – that means savings of $1.60 per square foot!

Sound damping glue delivers excellent performance (up to STC 54), even when installed over existing drywall, and without any demolition of existing construction. Using glue allows for easy and fast installation with lowest total installed cost! Overall, glue is easier, faster and cheaper to install, which makes it the preferred choice over mass loaded vinyl.