Space Saving Furniture

One of the problems I find with some space saving furniture is that I have little room to actually put it. An example of this is the freestanding Elfa tower into which sliding baskets are intended to fit. This item has been designed for kitchen storage, supposedly great for storing vegetables or dry food. Each shelf is 60cm long, with four in the pack. Four side baskets have been added as well as a tea towel hook rack. The whole concept is great, but I have a tiny galley kitchen and, with my fully fitted cabinets, I don’t even have sufficient room to place a waste bin, let alone this Elfa Tower – no matter how much of a good idea it is. It is also quite expensive, I think, for what it is. If you are changing your furniture it is OK to consider new concepts and modern designs – you might like them and they may work better for you than the traditional space saving furniture you have been utilizing up to now.

However, don’t be swayed by too much encouragement from the sales’ staff – they are generally paid a commission per sale. You need to make up your own mind and know what will and will not fit into your home. That is the reason I mentioned the Elfa tower not being suitable for my kitchen which is very contemporary but with absolutely no spare space. This brings me to the kitchen waste bin. As I mentioned, in my kitchen there really is no space for a floor standing bin so I have had to resort to an under-the-cabinet trash can. I say resort because, in a way, I resent having valuable cupboard space being wasted on a rubbish bin – I know it’s not wasted but, to me, I feel it is! Something I do like, however, and which would look good in my dining room, is the space saving table which comes complete with hideaway chairs that have been designed to slot beneath the table when not in use.

This space saving table comes as a flat pack self-assembly item which is, I must say, reflected in its economical price tag. The table itself is made of black glass, with dimensions measuring 94cm long x 79 cm wide x 77cm high. The chairs feature a contemporary design made from black resin to match the contours of the table. I like this and, while it would be no use trying to fit this table and chairs into my kitchen, it would make a lovely piece of space saving furniture for my dining room and I would certainly think of buying it for myself. Another kind of dining table that is really useful if you are considering space saving furniture is the gate-leg table. This kind of table can be stored flat against a wall and, within seconds, pulled out and the drop-leaf extension flaps lifted and secured by the gate legs beneath the table’s surface. These drop-leaf designs have been around for many years and, although they have evolved to take on a more contemporary design, space saving furniture such as this has stood the test of time and proved their efficacy.