Spaying a Dog – The 5 Biggest Disadvantages

We often hear of the advantages of spaying a dog but what are the disadvantages?

Spaying a dog is an surgical procedure so there will be drawbacks. But to be honest after researching the topic and having my own dogs spayed the small disadvantages are seriously out weight by the advantages.

Not only will your dog receive benefits (which are many) but for the valuable contribution you will make to help ease the burden of millions of unwanted, unloved dogs that are in our Animal Shelters and worse roaming our streets.

Unless you are a licensed committed breeder it makes very little sense not to.

But here are 5 possible drawbacks to spaying a dog

This operation is irreversible

So if you are indecisive whether to breed from your dog or not you can delay her seasons with drugs. these will stop her from becoming pregnant but she could still have “false pregnancies” where your dog will go though the motions of been pregnant.

These drugs can only be issued by a veterinary surgeon as each case has to be treated individually.


Incontinence is occasionally linked with spaying, all though there is researchers who believe this might be more down to the age a dog is spayed or even just old age. Either way there is easily accessible medication in liquid form that you just add to their food. Or there is a simple operation which can be performed to remedy the problem

Coat change

Some breeds coats have a tenancy to become softer after spaying. This is nothing to worry about the fur and skin are perfectly healthy. Some dogs may need a little more brushing than before.

Reaction to the anaesthetic

As with humans there is a slight chance your dog may have a reaction to the anaesthetic that is why it is a good idea to have your pet connect to a heart monitor to pick up any early signs of trouble

Sore and red afterward

Your pooch will probably be a little sore and tender after the operation but this will ware-off after a few days

TIP – Rub vitamin E oil (not cream) around the incision this will moisturise the area and stop any cracking. It also a good time to keep an eye on the stitches.