Spaying Pregnant Dogs

Spaying of pregnant dogs is a topic that has been under discussion for years, but many of the question marks are still there. Some people are against spaying of pets, especially of spaying pregnant dogs or cats. When you see stray dogs walking around and dogs in the dog pound that are homeless, one concludes that may be it would be a better idea to spay a dog.

Many people still do not find it good enough to spay a dog when she is pregnant, but the benefits of this act are unlimited. The population of dogs that are steadily increasing and human beings need take all possible means to keep a check on that.

Spaying pregnant dogs is not that difficult. Every surgery has its own complications and so does spaying a dog during pregnancy. Only a vet can tell if the surgery is going to harm the puppies or not. It is dependent on the health of the animal as well as the amount of time the dog has before giving birth. In case of very last few days, it may be dangerous for the puppies and the dog.

Ideally, spaying should be done before the dog becomes pregnant. Some say that dogs should have at least one litter before they can be spayed. But that is not true, the younger the dog is, the better chance that no complications will occur during surgery or after.

Like many dog surgeries, spaying can be expensive. When you think about the puppies you would have had to feed and immunize, you can bet that you will have saved yourself tons of money. The surgery is not as costly as other surgeries though, so the costs should not be a problem. Spaying is not painful for your dogs. They are anesthetized during surgery, and after surgery they have medication to manage the pain. But within days, they will be as good as new. Because they no longer have the urge to stray and mate, they tend to become calmer and relax.

Your dog’s metabolism may decrease after spaying, so make sure to provide enough exercise and feed them the right amount of food every time. This can prevent your dogs from becoming overweight and unhealthy. It is a misconception that dogs become overweight due to spaying alone. And spay your dogs at an early age to ensure that their surgery is free of any complications, even puppies as young as three months old can be spayed. As long as you spay your pregnant dog safely and within doctor’s orders, no harm will be done to your pet.