Specialized Construction Areas For Industry Builders

A common definition for the word ‘builder’ is a construction worker. As a construction industry builder working primarily in construction sites, this artisan or laborer take part and could possibly specialize in any of the various construction occupations:

  • A bricklayer or alternatively called mason, is a tradesman who sets bricks to assemble brickwork. A colloquial term ‘brickie’ is also used to refer to a bricklayer who utilizes blocks to perform masonry jobs.
  • A carpenter performs a wide range of carpentry tasks and woodworking including construction of buildings, furniture and other objects made from wood. This occupation encompasses majority of manual labors. Different types of a carpenter exist, a finish carpenter, a trim carpenter, a cabinetmaker, a ship’s carpenter, a scenic carpenter, a luthier or a formwork carpenter.
  • The job of a Carpet Layer is all about laying of carpets and floorings.
  • The Concrete Finisher or Cement Mason is a builder who toils with concrete (placement, finishes, protection and repair) in engineering and building projects. Essential tools used by a cement mason are shovels, rakes, masonry trowel, wagon chute, concrete pump, concrete skip and wheelbarrow.
  • Heavy equipment necessary to execute engineering and construction tasks are steered and operated by a Heavy Equipment Operator.
  • A trained laborer who specialize in electrical wiring of buildings or other associated equipment is called an Electrician. Electrical installations of new buildings and infrastructure or repair and maintenance of existing electrical systems are performed by an electrician. This profession is also required in the assembly and production of ships, airplanes and other vehicles.
  • A Fencer is employed in the building of fences.
  • The Laborer basically provides assistance to other builders or construction workers and may perform various tasks such as concreting, paving, piping, drilling, blasting and landscaping. A laborer is known to be efficient in handling or using air tools, hand tools, blasting, small heavy equipment.
  • A Painter and Decorator is usually hired to perform painting projects to make a house or infrastructure look better or to protect them from damage which may be caused by water, rust, corrosion, insects or mould.
  • The Plasterer performs plastering (the process of creating plasterwork). His task is to form a layer of plaster on an interior wall or to create plaster decorative moldings on ceilings or walls.
  • A Plumber’s occupation which started since ancient periods, is about installation and maintenance of respective structures utilized for plumbing, heating, drainage, potable (drinking) water or small-sized industrial process plant piping.
  • A Steamfitter or Pipefitter’s job is to lay out, assemble, fabricate, maintain and repair large sizes of piping systems mainly used for industrial processes. Such systems are generally applied with high pressure and composed of metal materials like carbon steel and stainless steel welded together.
  • The Steel fixer arranges and fastens   reinforcing  bars and meshes to support  concrete  in building.
  • The task performed by a Steel erector is to install the structural steel frames of buildings and infrastructure during construction.
  • A Tiler is the one to call if there are required services on installation and assembly of tiles in people’s homes as well as commercial establishments.
  • A Welder welds materials together such as metals or varieties of plastic and polymer.