Speed ​​Dating Vs Matchmaking

There has been a lot of discussion over which is better: speed dating or matchmaking? Sure, both can lead to lasting romantic relationship, but there are positives and negatives to both. Speed ​​dating is obviously not as safe and controllable as matchmaking. Yet matchmaking is not spontaneous and sporadic. We'll take a few moments to compare and contrast the two in order to give you a basic premise on each so you can make the best decision for yourself.

As stated before, speed dating is spontaneous so can be off the cuff and adventurous. For those who are not "OCD" with planning and organization this would best suit their fancy. Speed ​​dating is also very appealing to the social butterfly because it transpires in a group of people actively interacting in a friendly environment. It's a light and fun atmosphere, conducive for sparking conversations and keeping things moving.

Some of the downsides to speed dating is it does not warrant for deeper, longer lasting relationships. Things tend to stay shallow and empty of intimacy. There's also drinking involved. This can lead to unwise decisions that you may regret after the social gathering has ended. In speed dating it's very common for people to still put up a façade. You do not really know if the person you're talking to is being honest and genuine. There's not enough time to get a good impression of the person. Another aspect of speed dating is the ability for someone else to take away your person of interest because of the amount of competition. Most people will simply be interested in the best looking guy, which is very shallow. Lastly, it is not structured very well, which leaves a lot of room for the unseen. Most things in life operate the best in some sort of boundaries and this leaves too many aspects open-ended.

Matchmaking on the other hand is much more safe is structured very well. With matchmaking there is a preliminary screening process to ensure a highly level of safety. Personalities are screened which will help determine compatibility with a person you may be interested in. Also when a couple is matched it's not just based on one opinion, but a mutual agreement of two people's preferences. One great benefit of matchmaking is the constant ability for people to search for you. This creates greater opportunities for you otherwise impossible.

The "human factor" has to be taken into consideration. With matchmaking, you are able to get a much better "vibe" on someone else. You're able to use your human intuition to see if there is any potential. Matchmaking also gives you the ability to use your dates feedback for future success in finding that someone. This approach also focuses on long term relationships instead of casual dating. You will be given the opportunity to search for someone you could see yourself with for long time. Anyone who's paid a matchmakers fee is serious and is not interested in shallow, flybys. Lastly, matchmaker enables the individual to talk to a lot more people. It would take a long time to meet 100 other single people you might be interested in. With matchmaker you will be able to talk to that same amount in a week!

There are benefit and sacrifice in each approach to dating. Take time to evaluate your heart and see which fits you the best. If you're someone who's simply casually dating then speed dating might be your best choice but if you're looking for a serious, long term relationship, you will be more satisfied with matchmaking. Either way, you will live and learn till you find the approach that works best for you.