Speed Boat Design – You Really Can Build Your Own Speed Boat

There are many types of boats for many types of people. If you prefer to be at one with nature a sailboat may suit you. If you like to relax and cast out a line, a fishing boat may be your fancy. But if you like thrills, chills and exhilaration a speed boat may be your calling. A commercial speed boat can be rather costly but if you can get a hold of the right materials, building your own speed boat can cost a lot less and be very rewarding. Even more rewarding is creating a speed boat design of your own.

Most people never consider the possibility of building their own boat, but it really makes so much more sense than buying one. You’ll save a ton of money by doing the labor yourself. You can then brag to all your friends how you built this awesome boat that totally blows their store bought vessel out of the water. Not to mention, you’ll learn a lot of knowledge about boat building that you can apply to projects in the future.

First thing to consider when building your speed boat is having a plan to follow. You can’t just start building; you’ve got to have an attack plan on how you’re going about the project. When I built my first boat I didn’t know what to do. Luckily I found this amazing 3D CAD software that that helped me design an amazing boat just the way I wanted it. It took me few tries to figure out but once I understood the possibilities this program possessed I was blown away. I could build any type of boat I wanted to! So I spent some time and developed the perfect blue print for my dream boat. Once I had my blue print it was time to get my hands dirty.

Speed boats are going to require length to enable it to travel at fast speeds. With that in mind you need to make sure you have a nice, long open working space. I have always used my garage, but for those bigger boats you might have to park your cars in the driveway for a few months to make room.

Once you have your work area figured out and your materials acquired you can start putting everything together. Just follow your blueprint and double check every measurement before making that final touch. If you work a 9 to 5 job like me making time to work on your baby might be hard. I tend to utilize the weekend for my boat building time. You would be surprised what you can accomplish in the span of 2 days.

When it is finally done I’m sure you won’t be able to stop smiling. You’ll never forget the first time you launch her out into the water. To own your own speed boat is just such an amazing feeling. This isn’t your average boat, this is about speed and lots of it! The best thing about it is you did it yourself.