Sphere Fountain – 5 Easy Steps to Design a Rolling Sphere Tabletop Fountain in Less Than 30 Minutes

Rolling sphere fountains are absolutely marvelous in their appeal and design. They are one of the most difficult fountains to design at home. However, with this easy-to-implement design guide, it should be a piece of cake for you to design a rolling sphere tabletop fountain.

Material You Would Need:

o Submersible pump that circulates about 80 to120 gallons of water per hour.

o Narrow flexible pipe tubing to fit the pump spout opening

o A small light-weight rolling ball made from marble.

o A rock or stone base with drilled hole in middle.

o A proportionally sized bowl

o River stone or pebbles.

Here’s the Easy-To-Implement Step-by-Step Design Guide

Step 1: Setup Clean your bowl and the rock base. Make sure that the base is drilled thoroughly and that there are no blockages. Place the submersible water pump in the bowl. Make sure your pump has the water flow set to high. Add sufficient water in the bowl to cover the pump and test its operation. Once you verify that the pump fits within the bowl and it’s operational, turn it off.

Step 2: Base Integration Place the rock base on top of the pump spout. If the spout of pump is too wide, use the flexible pipe tubing to pass through the drilled base. Cut the pipe tubing on the other end of the drilled base so that it stays invisible. Turn on the pump and see if the water flows through the drilled base.

Step 3: Add The Marble Sphere Turn on the pump and verify if the water flows through the drilled base to turn the marble sphere. If the marble sphere does not turn, you have two options: either choose a pump with higher gph capacity (Gallons per Hour capacity) or choose a marble sphere with lighter weight.

Step 4: Test Everything & Decorate Now that you have placed the sphere on top of the drilled base, your fountain is almost ready. Add decorative features like river stones, pebbles, moss, or mosaic to your bowl if you want to add some flare to your water fountain!

Step 5: Maintenance Maintenance of this fountain is fairly easy. Just check the water level regularly and observe the evaporation rate of the water. Make sure you keep the bowl clean of debris and other external material or it might stop working because of pump issues.

Applying these easy-to-implement steps would help you design a beautiful rolling sphere fountain to refresh your mind, rejuvenate your senses, and unleash your creativity this Christmas season!