Split AC Units

The distinct advantage of a split AC unit is that it may be used to cool a room during summer season and also to heat a room during winter. This means that split air condition units are not such an item which are used in one season and have no use in other season. The size of a split AC unit is generally small as compared to a conventional window air conditioner. Normally, a split aircon unit has been designed to regulate the temperature of an area of ​​400 square feet. Neverheless with the recent advances in technology, such split AC units have been invented which can serve the purpose for larger areas. The great thing with these is that they do not make use of much power.

The cooling capacity of the split air conditions unit is a significant aspect and is measured in terms of tones. This actually refers to the total ability to cool. The energy efficiency ratio value makes a comparison between the cooling efficiency of the split air conditioner to the quantity of power which the unit uses. This means that the machines with higher EERs will extremely save more power.

The split unit can also eliminate moisture from the room while it cools the air. The removal of moisture is measured in liters / hour. This feature is also very cruel since it reduces the humidity of the room. This is the major reason why split AC units are mostly used in humid regions as opposed to air coolers which are preferred mainly in drier regions.

Installing a split AC unit is generally not a tough ask since it comes with a line set which is used to join its indoor components with its outdoor components. They have fully charged coolants with them and then there is no need of any chemicals or refrigerants to be added while installation.