Split Unit AC – How A Ductless Air Conditioner Saves You Money

Why consider Split Unit AC? When you have been hit by a heat wave this past summer, you know the value of an effective air conditioner. Either at home, in a home office, or at work, a comfortable environment will help us be more productive and happier. But we also want to save money. In this article we will touch on what it means to be “green” and how to be “green” in terms of energy consumption, and then provide three ways in which a split unit AC or a ductless air conditioner will save you money and help the environment at the same time.

Being green

There is a lot of talk about being “green”, that is, being friendly to the environment that we live in. Many people enjoy recycling, making sure that their room lights are off when they are out, etc. However, very few people know that it is not the recycled bottles but it is the air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter where we can save the most energy and thus help the environment the most. How do I know that? Well all you have to do is look at your air conditioning bill. The bill ranging into the hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month is the bill that can possibly be drastically reduced. How?

Best way to be green

How to save the most energy and help the environment the most? By replacing the expensive, central air conditioning in our homes with ductless split unit air conditioning! In this article, we will go over three ways in which ductless air conditioner, or split unit AC will save you money compared with the central ducted air conditioning. These three ways you can save are: Cooling individual rooms in the house, Reducing the heat losses in the ducts, and better control of the air flow.

Cooling individual rooms in the house

Split unit AC devices come in single, dual, and quad configurations. This means that you can equip a single room, two, or four rooms or “zones” with a dedicated inside unit. The inside units are then connected with the single outside unit. The cost savings with such split unit air conditioner are obvious. Instead of cooling all the spaces in the house centrally, you just turn on the AC unit in the “zone” where you intend to spend time. Bedroom at night, living room or the home office during the day, etc.

Reducing the heat losses in the ducts

Large central air conditioning unit requires massive air ducts all across the house. As the cold air or the hot air travels through the ducts, some of the heat is transferred outside, and thus the heat losses occur that must be compensated for by the central air conditioner working harder and using more power. There are no ducts in ductless split unit AC air conditioners so duct losses are absent. The refrigerant hoses are well insulated, so the heat losses there are minimal.

Better control of the air flow with a split system

While the room cooling through a central air conditioning system is determined from the get go by the positioning of the exit and entrance duct openings, the ductless split units are more flexible, both as split unit coolers and split unit heat pumps. You can use the remote control not only to control the speed of the air blower, but also to control the exit flaps. By controlling the flaps, you can also control the direction of the air flow to a good degree. By judiciously selecting these parameters, you can even achieve a different climate in different parts of the same room, possibly accommodating people with different temperature comfort levels.