Sportcraft Premium Combo Badminton and Volleyball Set

Most people prefer to pick a set rather than picking up individual items, when buying equipment for both badminton and volleyball games. This is one of the practical approaches pertinent in purchasing such kind of sport products.

Aside from obtaining all the basic equipment needed for the game, you would be able to save money from doing such thing. It is because most of the products that come into one-complete package offer discounts of some percentage rates.

Moreover, it is even a lot better if you decide to buy a badminton and volleyball set in a form of any available combo packages in the market. Why is it so? Usually, for Combo packages, some additional unique features are made available, aside from the high quality it guarantees to customers.

Although, you also have to mull over the amount this certain badminton-volleyball package costs. Nevertheless, it still matters less because in return, you would be able to acquire the best value package for the money you spent for such merchandise.

One of the most suggested brands for this kind of package is the Sportcraft Premium Combo Badminton-Volleyball Set, which offers premium product items as the main package feature. It is a complete package comprised with both the badminton and volleyball equipment. This set is already available in the marketplace, nowadays.

If you are planning to have one for your self, then you may take a closer view of the features and see for your self how worth the product is for your own usage.

Product Set and Specific Feature

o The Badminton Rackets

o The set contains four high-performance badminton rackets.

o Each racket has an added unique feature like the heat treated t-connectors.

o Similar to other high-quality badminton rackets, they are also made with tempered steel shafts and grommets.

o Furthermore, the rackets also include lantex string that provides durable strength and excellent performance.

o The Poles

o The poles in this premium set are adjustable and characterized as virgin PVC telescopic poles.

o Each pole measures up to 1.5 inches hexagonal and 61 to 96 inches above the ground.

o The shuttlecocks

o Premium shuttlecocks are also provided in this set, specifically made even more extra durable to endure several events. There are 3 shuttlecocks of the given description available in this set.

o The Net

o It is a premium three-ply, knotless net, measuring about 20 by 1.5 foot with 1 and 1/2 inch top tape.

o Volley Ball

o The volley ball in this set is PVC sponge volleyball with an official weight and size.

Additional Premium Features

o Score Net System

o This is a unique scoring system, which allows everyone in to view the points acquired by each team in a glance.

o The New quick set up net system, which provides you a hassle-free equipment assembly. These include:

o The Pre-Tied Tension Adjusters

o Telescopic Poles

o The Pre-Tied Guide Ropes to support the net

o Inflating needle and pump

o Storage bag

o Retail tag

o Game rules and instructions