Spray Foam Insulation Costs Very Little Compared to the Money You Save On Home Energy Bills

Spray foam insulation costs are actually more affordable than what you would think at the first glance. It usually does cost more than other types of insulation in the beginning, but you'll realize that over time it pays off much more in terms of utility savings as it provides maximum insulation. Beside, it has several benefits which make it a preferred choice for many. Therefore, despite the somewhat high initial investment, a majority of people decide on spray foam when it comes to insulating their homes.

Useful Tips For Foam Insulation

The total foam insulation cost depends on the area to be covered. So as a first step, begin with analyzing the area to be insulated. Average cost in US turns outs out be somewhere from $ 1.5 to $ 3 per square foot. If labor costs are included, the same becomes $ 2.5 to $ 4 per square foot. This is very economic when compared to other forms of conventional insulation.

The costs will vary from place to place and it is advised to shortlist a couple of spray foam manufactures to compare prices. Do it yourself kits can help you save 30 to 50% of the total cost you would incur were you to hire a professional. And given the fact that spray foam does not need to be replaced and repaired unlike cellulose and fiberglass and also provides maximum insulation. It has a much shorter payback period than other types of insulation. You will soon have earned back whatever you invested through huge electricity bill savings.

Do It Yourself Insulation Spray Kits

Do it yourself kits are the best way to avoid high spray foam insulation costs. These generally cost between $ 500 and $ 900 and their contents are extremely simple to use. These kits contain equipment like air barrier, vapor retarder, high value spray foam insulation and green foam. Since the foam expends up to nearly 100 times its initial volume, try a patch test to see for yourself before you actually begin the task. This will give you an idea of ​​how much to spray in one layer and reduce waste. Insulating your home with a do it yourself kit will not only help you save on high spray foam insulation costs, it will also be a fun experience.