Spring Has Sprung – Time To Clean Your Parkade

Winters in the great white north can be harsh. Spring is a time for rebirth, a welcoming rejuvenation occurs. Many welcome the warmer weather to clean and fix up their homes and properties for the year. When spring has sprung, Spring cleaning fever hits in full force!

Spring is usually regarded as the best time book in the annual cleaning of parkade areas.

You might wonder why this is necessary, I mean isn’t a parkade meant to handle dirt and debris? Won’t it get just dirty again?

Let’s think about it for a second…

A parkade is a closed environment, meaning it does not have nature or rain helping to clean it. Parkades have high traffic, cars going in and out every day.

Vehicles drag in dust, carbon, sand, salts, fluids, dirty water, and other toxins. Vehicles blow dust around, create exhaust fumes and generally make large messes. Regular cleaning can transform a filthy, unhealthy environment into a fresh, healthy and inviting environment.

A scheduled cleaning session of your parkade involves power sweeping to remove the dirt and debris, followed by a pressure washing session to remove all ingrained dirt and spots. Finally, a power scrubbing machine finishes off the concrete surface, creating a dry and health space. A professional company with proper experience, training, and equipment can make sure that safety risks are minimized. The dirt and debris from your parkade should be removed offsite to an environmental recycling yard. Drains should be clean and clear and free of sand and debris.

A common inquiry from many owners is “Have often should we clean our stormwater drains, catch basins and sump pits”?

The correct answer is at least once a year. Preventive maintenance saves real dollars. If a parkade floods due to malfunctioning drain or pump, it can be an extremely costly ordeal. The best time to have these cleaned is when the parkades get cleaned after the messy winter season is over. The proper maintenance of your drainage system of the parkade should be a priority for your property.

After a thorough cleaning is a good time to have a professional assess the line markings of all stalls and roadways. It is recommended that lines get repainted every 1 to 2 years. This ensures that your parkade is as safe and problem free as possible, as faded lines can impede traffic control and encourage accidents. The best time to repaint lines is after a thorough cleaning.

Having a professional company complete a thorough parkade cleaning, drain cleaning, and line painting session after the harsh winter season will create the best environment for your parkade area and make sure that it’s safe and healthy for years to come.