Spruce Up Worn, Dirty Carpet With an Easy to Clean Rug

Are you tired of looking at the same old carpet in your home, but you do not have the money to get new? Do you have stains that you can not get out the carpet, but simply love the color of the rest of the carpet? There is a very simple solution to both of those problems and others. Washable accent rugs will add a style and bright, warm feeling to any room. Even if your room is a neutral color, you can throw in a classy accent rug without making it too loud or gaudy. The accent rug can even pull a room together. In a large sitting room, a rug can create a smaller area to circle around. This can create a cozy space in your other large and impersonal room.

If you have a smaller room, an accent rug can clearly bright up and open up the space giving it the feeling of a larger space. You could even start looking for themes to tie the rooms of your home together. Something like placing a seashell rug in the bathroom could not only match the décor but also provide a non-slip surface to stand on. Another example could be a rug that blends both the colors of your kitchen with the colors of your dining room and place it the walk way between. This will pull the two rooms together and all but guide your guest from the food in the kitchen to the sitting area.

You will not need to worry about spilling or staining the rugs either, because most of these accent rugs are machine washable. That also makes these rugs ideal for children's rooms. They can match with the wall paper or painting patterns that are already up. They also can be connected with the child's favorite cartoon characters or scenery. If you will be placing your new rug on a hard floor, such as hardwood floors or concrete, you will want to invest in a rug pad. These pads will hold the rug in place and add a bit of cushioning under the rug. Not allowing the rug to slide around will actually increase the life of the rug.

If there are dirty spots on your old carpeting, purchasing an accent rug can be strategically placed to cover those stains right up and actually end up giving your room a clean, fresh look. There are also places where carpeting can be worn down or become damaged and threadbare. Placing a new accent rug over these locations can add cushioning and make those old places your own little secret. Placing an accent rug at the foot of your favorite chair can also act as a great foot warmer. A thicker weave on a rug can make it soft and warm.

One of the greatest things about an accent rug is the flexibility and the temporary nature of it. Unlike carpeting, once you have chosen a color or style for a room, you can change it as often as you would like. You can switch rugs from other rooms or just pitch the one you have and purchase a new one. You are not tied down to a color or out hundreds of dollars as you would be with re-carpeting a whole room. So next time you are thinking about sprucing things up a bit in your home, do not run straight to your savings account and the carpet man, look into a few area and accent rugs to spice up the look of your rooms. You'll be amazed how bright and warm a room can feel when an inexpensive rug is added.