Square Toilet And Round Plunger? No Problem

In this article we provide some tips to effectively plunging a square toilet with a round plunger. The first thing to realize is that a standard sink plunger is probably not going to be very effective.  This is because it wont be able to create a watertight seal over the toilet drain and will also be prone to slippage. What you need is a special type of toilet plunger called a flange plunger or funnel cup plunger.

These plungers have an extra section of rubber attached to the rubber cup that you’ll find on a standard sink plunger. These types of plungers are also significantly larger than sink plungers.  Make sure you fold out the flange section before use as this needs to be placed inside the toilet drain before you start plunging.  In this position it will hold a toilet plunger firmly in place with a strong seal.

Plumbers will tell you that it’s important to have enough water in the bowl so that the plunger cup is fully covered. This is because water does not compress under pressure. Air does compress so if you’re plunging against air you wont be exerting as much force on the clog.

Once the plunger is in position and you have enough water in the bowl, press down firmly so that the rubber cup flattens completely. Then release and let the cup return to its neutral shape and fill with water.  The cup should still be submerged at this point. Then simply repeat this action several times so that you are alternatively pushing and pulling on the clog.

You should hear and feel the release of the clog and notice that the toilet bowl drains.  Remove the plunger from the bowl and flush the toilet several times to ensure that you have cleared the clog.  Remember to clean the toilet bowl thoroughly with a good brand cleaner such as the Clorox toilet wand before using it.