SRAM Unveil Their Latest Groupset

SRAM have once again designed one of the most exciting components for cyclists, the SRAM Black-Red. Following the fantastic limited edition LTE Red, SRAM are experiencing that the new Black-Red groupset, launched in 2011, may well be more successful than its predecessor.

Available in the new black and traditional silver options, the SRAM Black-Red features a fantastic array of updates, from the new anodised finish, which features the previously unavailable graphic updates, to a number of other incredible elements.

Taken from the successful MTB line, the new black anodised finish SRAM refer to as the Blast black, not only creates a fresh looking chainrings, it also creates a sturdier groupset.

The SRAM Black-Red 2011 is fitted with the standard brake callipers, which possess Swiss Stops GHP-2 compound pads, with the option to include a Yellow-Swiss Stop- carbon rim.

A fantastic update featured on the SRAM Black-Red is the latest shifter, which features an easy to access adjust screw. Unlike previous versions which featured a fiddly, hard to access screw, SRAM has introduced a reachable screwdriver fitment.

Similarly, SRAM has introduced a steel cage option for the front mech on the Black-Red. While the rear mech is extremely similar to previous groupsets, with the standard carbon rear cage and ceramic jockey wheel, it does however feature a small aesthetic update with laser etched H and L adjuster marks.

SRAM's Black-Red 2011 is available in a variety of different options, one of the most noticeable is the back plate of the one piece, OpenGlide cassette, which is available in a black anodised finish. This allows riders the option to create a complete stealth look of the entire gloss black groupset finish.

SRAM has got a great reputation in the cycling world and have produced many excellent products that currently have rave reviews from riders all over the world. This groupset really does set a precedentent amongst its competitors and will be hard to beat. At time of writing this article the SRAM groupset can be purchased from a number of online UK cycle retailers for just over £ 1000.

The comments made by cyclists that have bought it already this year have been very positive. They include quotes like "This is the best value groupset I have bought ever" and "Sturdy, sound and reliable groupset I have recommended to my fellow teams". The first comment may be a bit over the top as people do not buy groupsets that often, but the second is a good endorsement.

All in all, not only is this groupset a real joy to look at with beautiful aesthetics, but it is reasonably priced for what you get.