St. Patricks Day Face Painting – Show Your Irish Spirit with Lucky Face Painting

Face painting isn’t just for kids – adults love face painting too! St. Patricks day is a perfect time to learn face painting for yourself, your friends, and your kids. There are many designs for St. Patricks Day, and learning how to paint faces is probably easier than you think. You can be painting shamrocks in just one day!

Face painting for St. Patricks Day is perfect for both kids and adults. A shamrock, a leprechaun, a 4-leaf clover, and similar designs are fun for everyone on this Irish holiday. Any type of green design makes for a great design on this holiday.

Getting Started

If you are learning the art of face painting, start with a few simple designs (such as shamrocks) and practice those designs before moving on to more complicated designs. For St. Patricks Day, you must use plenty of green paint – but feel free to use your imagination and add other colors too. For example, you can outline the shamrock in a different color to enhance its appearance. If you are still learning, you might want to consider using a stencil for more complicated designs – such as a leprechaun.

Involve the Adults (and the Kids)

Even if you are new to face painting, give your subjects a choice of designs or colors. Even if they simply choose between a 3-leaf clover and a 4-leaf clover, it gets your subject involved in the fun. If you are only painting your own face, be creative and use your imagination. Remember, face painting is not permanent – you can “erase” your mistakes or just laugh at them and have fun. Be sure to have plenty of green paint on hand if you are painting several faces. And, be certain to use paints that are specifically approved for face painting.

Not Just Faces

Don’t limit your painting to faces. Arms, legs, and backs of hands are great places for shamrocks and other designs too. Don’t take your painting too seriously. If you have fun, the adults and kids will have fun too. If you make a mistake, try to “work around” your mistake, or simply re-draw a portion of the image. Keep practicing and your skills will improve quickly.

Make your St. Patricks Day celebration special for yourself and your friends with face painting.