Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Instructions

For those who play golf, they are always on the lookout for new methods and ways of doing things that will give them that certain edge over other players and improve their overall game. A new method of swinging, the stack and tilt golf swing, has been hailed as the swing of the future. It's raw efficiency and consistency has made it popular among many different PGA tour players and has become a very hot topic among golfers everywhere. So it's no surprise that many different people are wondering and seeking information on stack and tilt golf swing instructions.

Originally this stack and tilt method was thought up by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, two golf swing instructors. They are praised and recognized as being extremely innovative and fresh in their approach to the golf swing as we know it. The stack and tilt golf swing gets its name from the fact that it stacks the golfers weight over and the ball there before creating much better contact.

Although the stack and tilt swing method isoted in simple principles, it deviates from the normal golf swings that are in use today by most golfers who play the game. The shifting of the golfer's weight is what makes this method so unique, as opposed to the traditional golf swing which focuses on weight shifting. By using the stack and tilt method, you're keeping your weight over the ball and gaining back much of the control and efficiency you lose with traditional swing methods. This way your front foot has all the weight on it the entire time, improving your swing dramatically. The largest benefit of the stack and tilt method is consistency and the fact that using this method will send your ball flying farther than any other swing method currently in use. It makes for a good smooth release and more distance as a result. It utilizes the complex aspects of the human body yet it's so simple to execute.