Stack and Tilt – Improve Your Golf Swing

Once you take up golf and start to look for a way to improve your golf swing, you'll discover numerous different instructional books, videos and tips. Sorting through and testing each one can take some time. After reading the Golf digest article on the stack and tilt swing, I started checking into numerous resources about this type of swing can apply to improving my swing. That is when I came up the instruction DVD set with Plummer and Mike Bennet who are professional golf instructors. They have sent an extensive amount of time developing a modern golf swing called the stack and tilt. If you want to get started there is an instructional DVD set that offers a ton of information on how to implement the stack and tilt into your swing. The video has all of the instructions you will need to apply these techniques to your swing. The DVD includes in-depth analysis, including, Setup, Backswing, Downswing, Follow-through. The Instructional video will take you through analyzing your shots including your Slice, Hook, Fat shots, thin shots, and, Practice drills.

Is it for me?

The Stack and tilt started to become popular around 2007 when a couple of professional golfers started using this swing. If you're wondering, does this work? Then check out some of the successful tour pros who use this method, they include Mike Weir, Aaron Baddeley, Dean Wilson, Tommy Armor III, Eric Axley, and others. Many of these tour pros utilize this method to get more consistency and power with their swing. Both amateurs and pros can adopt some of the strategies of the Stack and tilt.

How it works

It may seem contrary to your normal swing, but that is because it is. If you're searching more consistency and power than you will want to try this swing out. There seem to be some skeptics, but many articles and comments I read seemed to be positive on the stack and tilt method. This is a short summary of how the swing claims to work. Through the swing you will want to keep most of your weight on your lead foot. When you address the ball, have 60 percent of your weight on your lead foot, then through the backswing having 80 percent of your weight on the front foot. They also instruct you to move your left shoulder down, not laterally when swinging. Once you practice all of the instructions you should be hitting the ball with greater accuracy and distance.

So if you're interesting in improving your swing, making better shots, and getting the distance you want, then the DVD instructional video will have everything you need to get yourself started with the stack and tilt swing method. The DVD is comprehensive and organized making it easy to follow and gives gives step-by-step direction.