Stack Up Style With Bangle Bracelets

If you think a bracelet is just a piece of fine metal looped around the wrist, think again. A bracelet can be anything as intricate as a diamond tennis bracelet to something as fun as a heavy charm bracelet. You can go sleek with a cuff bracelet, or slim it down with a spinel bracelet. But if you are into stacking your look, you can not go wrong with stackable bangle bracelets.

Classic bangle

If you want to know what people mean by a "bangle" bracelet, then slip on the 8-inch Silicoro Grande Omega Slip-On Bangle Bracelet in either white or yellow gold. This beauty is a bold 3/8 of an inch wide, and made with patented silicone technology. That means it contains 0.8 grams of gold that is combined with silicone for a total weight of 6.4 grams. Made in Italy, it is part of the Italian Jewelry Designs with Stefano Silicoro. If you love the look, add a matching necklace.


For an elegant, but simple bangle bracelet, start out with an 8-inch sterling silver bangle bracelet with a single 10-11 mm black cultured Tahitian pearl in the middle. It's a dainty 3/8 of an inch wide. It will be stunning alone, or perfect if you prefer to stack it with other bangles. It comes with a jewelry pouch to help store it safely.

Instant collection

For an instant stack look, buy three bangles at once. Each bracelet from the Toscana Italiana Jewelry Collection is created in 18K yellow gold embraced bronze, each set differently. One of the bangles is set with gemstones arranged in a row, like birds of a wire. On the second bangle, the jewels are set at different intervals. The third bangle is plain, which sets off the gemstones in the other two bracelets. What a gorgeous trio. The stones used include smoky quartz, amethyst, garnet, orange citrines, peridots and blue topaz – all in bezel settings. Each bangle measures 8¾ inches by 1/2 inch wide.

Eye catching

If you want a larger bangle bracelet, check out the sterling silver 7-inch hinged bangle. Its clean, contemporary lines will look good against a dark suit or sleeve. Made in polished sterling silver, the bangle has a textured finish that shines in the light. It measures 7 inches by 9/16 of an inch wide. It can afford to be a bit smaller around because the hinged bracelet opens so you can put it on. The slide insert clasp closes securely around the wrist. This piece is made using Electroform, a technique that creates hollow pieces of jewelry.

Big and bold

Want a bangle bracelet that really stands out? Consider the 8-inch carved dyed black onyx bangle bracelet and matching ring. The carved bangle is almost ¾ of an inch wide, created from permanent dyed onyx. It is covered in ornate petal carvings. The ring, 3/8 of an inch long and 7/8 of an inch wide, is carved in a matching design. The bangle weighs 353.00 ct and the ring onyx weighs 20.90ct – both approximate weights.


Add a fun dash of colors with one or more of the set of four Cloisonné filigree hinged floral bangles. Created in an exotic Far East style, these four bangles add a dynamic touch of color and design. Each set includes one bracelet in green, blue, white and red enamel – adorned with exotic floral details. Each bracelet measures a snug 7¼ inches long. Again, each bracelet is hinged, allowing for a more snug fit.

If you are wondering, Cloisonné is an ancient Chinese process. Each bangle is produced in a seven-step process that involves crushed glass enamels of various colors that are fired and polished. The results are gem-like colors that add a heavy dose of color. And with this set of four Cloisonné bracelets, you can wear one, two, three or four. Or be generous. Wear two of the bangles and give two to a friend.

Bracelet sizes

If you are not sure what size bracelet you need, here is how you can measure for an accurate fit: wrap a soft tape measure around your wrist bone add ¾ inch to 1 inch to that measurement to determine your bracelet size the standard woman's size in 7 inches; standard man's size in 8 inches.

Another way to find out what size bracelet is right for you, measure the length of a bracelet you already own. If it is a bracelet that will slip over your hand, measure the widest part of your hand to make sure the bracelet will fit. Remember that different bracelet will fit differently. It all depends on the clasp and materials used. Bracelets have been around since ancient times. Bangle but bracelets are On a That way you can combine some classic looks in a new and stylish way.