Stacked Income – How to Stack Your Income Online

Internet marketing is not new and many people are jumping on the bandwagon more and more each and every day. One way to earn income is to stack your income online.

So exactly what is stacked income?

Stacked income can be compared to a simple business model where you have one product or business that services the needs of your customers. What you are doing is starting a business make it very successful and then you can diversify your needs into another area.

People that can only offer one product online will find it very hard to make a continuous income. If a person were however to branch themselves out and offer their clients more products then they could in fact stack their income from the same customer.

A good model to look at is computer games or console games. Let’s say you wanted to start an online store for computer games and console games. What you would do is start your business and make it as profitable as possible. You only offer 1 product to your client as you are just starting out and want to make their experience the best experience they have ever seen. With games you will continually make income as new games come out each and every month.

Once you have completed your successful business model for games you would then start to offer your clients more products for the games such as controllers and memory cards. Once you offer another product you want to make sure that you have more and more products for your clients to purchase. What you are essentially doing is making more money from your current clients without the extra work involved.

Applying the stacked income method is not that hard. The principle is actually very simple. You want to start your business slowly offering your clients one product that you know has many side products or add-ons that can supplement your income. Where most people fail with this business model is that they actually chose the wrong product and diversify themselves with a wide range of products that have no up sale value.

The main thing to remember is that you want your first business model to be successful. If you are not making a steady income with your current product then it is going to be very difficult to offer your current clients add-ons. To make the stacked income business model work make sure your initial product is very profitable at its maximum level and then branch yourself out to offer more and more products.