Staging a Home With Your Snow Shovel

During the winter months, you may find that snow is getting in the way of your staging. It’s difficult to show a home effectively when the yard is snowed in and making traversing the property difficult. By clearing snow out of areas you know will be traversed in the course of a home showing, you will make it easier for potential buyers to explore your property and provide a good impression.

Walkway: The walkway should be completely free of anything resembling ice and snow, and that includes icicles that are in danger of breaking and lancing down at some unsuspecting homebuyer. Make sure that any snow “walls” you may construct in the course of clearing a path are packed and will not collapse easily.

Parking: Keep in mind that at least one other vehicle and probably two will be making their way to your home. Make sure that they have access to safe, secure parking. And I don’t mean the street. You may have to dig out spots, but it will pay off by creating a less stressful atmosphere for buyers who probably don’t really want to be driving out in the slippery streets anyway.

Property: If you have extensive property or outbuildings, digging a path that at least shows most of the property and allows safe access to any structures or notable features will definitely be a good idea. Make sure that the path is wide enough to accommodate an average person walking normally. The less stress your buyers have about actually getting around, the more positive of an impression your home makes

Back entrances: Your back door should be as snow and ice-free as the front. If at all possible, clear a path around the entire house, following any present walkway. The more free your buyers are to move around, the better, and they will want to inspect the back door and the cellar, if any, so make sure that these areas are cleared.

Alleyways and Secondary Driveways: Clear a path around the back of your property if it can be accessed by an alleyway or another driveway. An impression of openness and ease of entry and exit makes your home more appealing, especially in weather where mobility is somewhat impaired.

It may be back-breaking or expensive to clear all the snow from the areas above, but the good impression this leaves behind will be worth it. No one wants to wade through snow or slip on ice while they are carrying on the business of house hunting. Plus, having cleared pathways, parking spots and entrances can make your house seem more appealing to the buyer. Your home will seem more cared-for and more worth the asking price.