Stain on Railing–Just Spray and Wipe

Just remember my advice before you start this job of using opaque, semi-opaque or transparent stain. Don’t do it. You will have turned wood that didn’t do anything to you into a maintenance item. Weathered gray wood is nature’s way of staining and it will fit into most landscape plans.

But, I know most of you want to have some reddish or brown color; so stain away, however wait at least a year on new deck installations, wood that is green will not hold the stain.

As you wipe the sweat off your brow just as you finish your deck floor, you think maybe a cold beer then a cold shower, Wonderful! But wait, you still have all the hand rails and all those upright balusters to stain as well.

Those balusters are going to be a pain. They are small and close together and they have all those nooks and crannies. Try staining a cranny for for the whole deck. It gets tiresome and boring and it takes a lot of time.

Not if you follow my simple instructions;

Take old “Windex bottle” or some bottle with spray applicator, clean well and put your stain in bottle. Now just spray your stain on balusters and wipe down with a rag. If you want to get fancy, get one of those painting gloves and stain all those balusters as fast as you can spray and wipe.

No dipping, no brushing, just spray and wipe. Pop the top on that cold one, we are done with this job.!