Stained Glass Equipment

Glass equipment as an artwork was known to people since times. The popularity of stained glass was revived in the 1960s. The stained glass art and equipment was earlier confined to decorating churches, state owned buildings and few residences. From 1960 onwards, stained glass came to be extensively used for making jewelry boxes, mirrors, wall sconces, windows and other decorations.

Every form of art and craft requires some kind of investment in special tools or equipment. Some basic equipment needs to be used for making stained crafts in glass too. The everyday tools used at homes like scissors and pliers can also be put to use. However, using the proper kind of equipment will produce a better stained glass art. Poor quality of tools can lead to irritation and abandonment of the project. It would be good to use the below mentioned stained glass equipment.

It is advisable for beginners not to initially invest a lot on the stained glass equipment. A specially designed, unusual pair of pattern shears will be needed for making the craft. This can be bought for twenty dollars and above. Cheaper, twenty-five cent substitute, razor blades can also be used. Regular household scissors can also serve the purpose for amateurs.

As the artwork skills turn profitable, better stained glass equipment can be bought and used. Moving on with the basic list, soldering iron with an iron cased tip would be an important tool. Soldering iron can be found in any local hardware store or depot. Its price varies from ten to fourteen dollars. It is suggested not to buy a cheap soldering iron as they do not heat uniformly and do not last longer. Those who are seriously committed to make a stained glass work can buy a 100 to 150 watt soldering iron.

The temperature of the soldering iron should be controlled by a dimmer or a resistor. It prevents the iron from getting overheated. Such a rheostat unit can also be purchased separately to plug-in the soldering iron for use. Another necessary supply is the glass cutter. It is relatively cheaper, priced from three dollars and above. You can buy two different shaped cutters. When not in use, glass cutters soaked in kerosene or oil remain lubricated and reduce friction.

A basic glazing knife is used for various purposes while crafting a stained art glass. It is used to shape the edges of the glass or the lead. Grozing pliers with sleek and narrow jaw saves your fingers while working on delicate glass and glass breaks. A lead stretcher or any other vise, except wood or pipe vises, help to hold the lead strip for stretching. It is more flexible and bends easily along the edges of the stained glass pieces.

Among the equipment, flux is a chemical to clean the copper foil or lead vise when preparing for soldering the stained glass. When buying the most essential supplies for the craft, the glass itself, you can visit a crafts shop that sells glass. It can also be shipped or ordered by mail from a specific glass manufacturer.

Stained art glass is priced higher than normal glass used for windows. When bought in bulk, it can cost you less. Prices range from four dollars for a square foot and higher depending on size and quality. Glass equipment also includes solder, drawing paper and carbon paper. Solder can be bought from any hardware store for less than two dollars a spool which would be sufficient. Drawing and carbon papers can be used for sketching the artwork patters for glass.

Use goggles and gloves for protecting you eyes and hands. Assemble all the equipment in your work area or a safe place out of kids reach. Using the proper tools, creativity and dedication, stained glass proves to be a profitable hobby.