Stained Glass Techniques For Beginners

The first step in making something out of stained glass is deciding what to make. Some of the items that can be made from stained glass are windows, lampshades, and pictures. Artists can create their own patterns. Patterns can also be found online or in books.

Equipment that is needed may depend on the project. Pieces of glass, a cutting tool, foil tape, a soldering iron, and solder will probably be needed for every project. All equipment needed to make glass art will need to be purchased for the first project. For subsequent projects only what is required for each project will have to be bought. Equipment can be purchased at craft stores or online. It is a good idea to make sure that everything that may be needed is available before starting any project. Extra glass, extra blades, extra oil for the cutting tool, and extra solder should be on hand.

Different stained glass techniques will be needed for different items. A simple project is the best choice for someone is who is beginning to work with glass. Starting with the pattern is a good way to begin any glass project. Make two copies of the pattern. It is helpful to number the pattern pieces on one copy and then cut them out. Leave one copy uncut. The next step is tracing the pattern on to the glass. Then the glass should be scored with a glass cutter. The scored pieces can then be broken out by hand or with pliers. It may be a good idea to practice on clear glass before scoring and cutting colored glass.

Make sure each piece of glass is clean. The pieces should be arranged on the uncut copy of the pattern to make sure they are all there and that they fit. Laying the pieces out will give the artist an idea of how the finished project will look. Use a grinder to carefully grind the edges of any pieces that do not fit. Then wrap the edges of each glass piece with foil tape. Lay them on the pattern again to make sure they fit. Then use the soldering iron to cover the foil on each piece of glass. The solder will hold the project together.

It is important to keep safety in mind when using different stained glass techniques. A work area that is secure from children and pets should be used when working with stained glass. The glass should be handled very carefully. Glass pieces should be stored in a secure area where they will not be easily broken. Stained glass pieces that are drying should be laid in a place where they will not be disturbed. Tools should be kept in good repair and the work surface should be kept clean. Glass cutters and soldering irons should be stored in a place that children cannot reach.

Using the proper stained glass techniques will enable people to create beautiful pieces of glass art.