Stainless Pipe Clamps Along With an Amazing Tripod Vise

Pipe clamps for fitting and aligning stainless steel pipe and fittings are pretty much all the same. Right?

Wrong. One company offers truly innovative pipe clamps along with the most efficient tripod vise I have ever seen for fitting and welding stainless steel pipe.

The old school Red Tripod Vises we have all used for years are okay for screw pipe but for tack welding fittings on pipe, they are pretty much awkward at best. I mean how exactly are you supposed to hold a 90 elbow with one hand, a tig torch in the other hand, and a filler rod in the other hand?

That’s three hands! Count em Sonny Jim.

Instead of a chain vise with jaws that can dig into polished stainless pipe, This innovative “Tripod Vise” offered by TechSouth Inc. features a clamping tool actually designed for fitting together stainless pipe and fittings with jaw marks and without contamination from iron particles that can cause rust to show up later.

And one person only has two hands. Right? But two hands are more than enough for one person to fit, tack, and weld stainless steel pipe with this unique tripod vise. Its actually called the “Clark Quick Switch – Industrial Folding Platform.”

The term “tripod vise” simply does not do it justice. It is in a class by itself.

Of course this tripod vise will work with any material type but since it is made from materials that won’t contaminate stainless steel pipe and fittings with iron particles.

TechSouth Inc. also offers many other innovative products for welding and fitting and welding of stainless steel tubing and pipe.