Stainless Steel Balustrading – Modern and Stylish

Balustrades is a kind of low partition that is positioned at the edges of bridges, stair cases etc. These are made of short posts, which form a row and have a long rail at the top. Earlier, balustrades were used solely for railings, as time passed their use has changed and now they are installed at balconies, near swimming pools etc. Traditionally, balustrades were made of wood, and they were initially started to be made of other materials, such as glass, steel and stainless steel.

Before I tell you more details about stainless steel balustrades, I need to tell you something in details about stainless steel. It is basically an alloy. The way this metal is produced, makes it far more durable and strong compared to normal steel. And, as the name suggests "Stainless Steel" it can resist stains.

Balustrades add a modern look to any home. For an external balustrade, the tough nature and little maintenance of stainless steel is preferably suitable for any environment. Especiala the coastal areas, which has bad effects on normal steel.

These balustrade accessories manufacturers from all over the world, offer a variety of designs and colors which adds to the beauty of your house. Some of the most commonly used are flat bar, tube, square and rectangular box section, wire rope chains, marine and commercial applications.

Although balustrades are available for various purposes, I will try and give some insight to railing balustrades.

Product Description:

The material used to produce is high quality 201. Their height varies from 855 mm up to 1300 mm. The thickness of the steel at the side can range from 6mm to 13mm. Their surface is made up of polished steel, PVD are also being used. Typically, the balustrade is made of a single pillar with a very bright surface.

Benefits of Balustrades

This is the perfect material for building balustrades as it is predominately robust and tough. It can take all the falls and thuds that it is expected to receive over the life span of a staircase without being damaged.

• Adaptability. The nature of these material means it can be made into nearly any shape or size for a balustrade. Arched looks are no issues in steel, and remarkable slants can be just easily created.

• Presence. Not only is it a robust and sturdy material, It gives a good look to your house. The variety of metal textures gives it a smooth and contemporary look which will mix in smooth with contemporary building plans and their colorings.

• Price. Using these balustrades is an economic choice, mostly due to the obtainability of material, and the comparative easiness with which it can be adjusted, installed and joined.

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