Stainless Steel Vs Aluminum Pressure Cookers – Which Type of Pressure Cooker to Go For

Scary pressure cooker is now a thing of the past. The fear of blowing the lid off and scattering mess all over the kitchen has long been gone and over. Even if it has serve you delicious foods and amazing dishes, consider Grandma’s noisy cooker is history; gone are the whistles and hissing sound that you hear at the kitchen. Thanks to the modern day cookwares that are manufactured by leading European and American brands and other Asian companies as well.

When shopping for this type of cooker in the market, you will be faced with two main options – they are either aluminum or stainless steel made. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages so when deciding for one, its better to weigh your options so you can choose which one best tailor to your needs.

Stainless steel pressure resists corrosion; its scratch and warp resistant so you can keep it shiny and pretty for a long time. It does not react to food and its more durable. It is more sleek and elegant cooking but its more expensive than the aluminum made ones. Aluminum pressure cooker is cheaper or more affordable choice. Moreover, they are better conductors of heat, being aluminum made. However, it is a soft metal so it has the tendency to scratch and dent easily plus it can react to certain acidic food.

The choice between an aluminum or stainless steel can be boiled down to two important factors – price and durability. Aluminum ones are cheaper but they are better conductors of heat. However, they are inferior when it comes to design and quality. Stainless steel pressure cooker maybe more expensive but it is more durable and reliable. They are usually made of aluminum at the bottom to make them absorb heat better. If you are really on a tight budget, go for the aluminum ones but if its quality and durability that you are looking for, opting for stainless steel pressure cooker is the best option for you and can be worth your money in the long run.