Stair Banisters and Handrails for Your Home

Banisters are not just for security purposes, they play an important role in jazzing up the home interiors. The term ” banister” is often used interchangeably with “handrail” which precisely refers to stairways.

Stair banisters are railings installed at the side of staircases of which their main function is for preventing serious injuries or death from falling. They are everywhere and we come across of them almost everyday, and anywhere. From the very simple pipe mounted on the wall to avoid falls, to the complex structures, banisters come in assorted and in a lot of styles. The type of stair banisters used in every home and building gives emphasis to the style of architecture.

Nowadays, styles and materials are quite modern and slight, not like the stone and concrete used in the olden times.

Your staircase, is always the first thing people will see in your home. They give attraction, pride and joy for your home especially if the styles and the materials used rhymes so well with your interior decors. Many times the staircase is given less priority when people think of improving their homes, but it should be known that staircase banisters create a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

As people go up into the upper floors, the spectacular handrails of the staircases can add an exceptional feature to the home.

With the availability of materials and designs, you may be inspired to design your own banister through your own work of art. Wooden stair banisters whether in traditional or current styles will always give a charming effect to your home. Wrought iron was also thought of as one material to be used for outdoor railings due to its water resistant and durable properties. It has even become very popular for custom designing of stair banisters inside the homes.

The versatility of wrought iron makes it easier to work it into complicated designs for stair banisters. One of the fashionable style today, is to have a wooden banister handrail with wrought iron balusters. This gives an exceptional and modern look without being expensive..

With modern houses today space has always been the concern. The common option to this is a spiral or a helical staircase with a spiraling banister. You can have your own design from the simplest to the most complicated one. You can also build a beautiful stair banister around a staircase that is curved. It does not matter whether your banister is all wood, a combination of wood and wrought iron, or all iron. As long as they get well with your internal decor they will create grace and elegance to your home’s entire atmosphere. I seriously encourage everyone to give importance to your staircase designs as your plan for your home improvement. Banisters will do a lot to make your home look elegant.