Stair Parts – The Building Blocks of a Good Stairway

For anyone who grew up in a house with at least two levels, a simple slide in the stairway handrail has always proved to be a childhood joy. For most who are planning to build their own houses, they are always considering to put in a magnificent staircase that is (definitely not only for their children to enjoy sliding unto) for aesthetic and practical reasons.

A common feature of a house is with a staircase landing directly in front of the main door of the house, making it one of the first things a visitor (whether a relative, friend, or just a pesky neighbor checking to see if your house is better) will see. Generally, stairs are made by the same people who made the house (the carpenters), but, on the testament of how important it is, not a few would hire additional help from experts such as specific stair makers or craftsmen, sometimes even woodworkers for intricately designed wooden stairs.

The parts of a staircase may be divided chiefly into two main stair parts: the steps and the railing system. How these two stair parts look and designed says much about the general look of the entire staircase. Depending on the rest of your house of course, stair parts may be made of marble, stone, cement, wood, and steel, among others. The type of materials used for the stair parts may be the same or even mixed. One can use wood for the steps while using steel railing system, as an example.

Whether a stair is going to be straight, curved, or even spiral will be up to the owner, and of course, depending on the general plan of the house. Different kinds of stair parts may be more preferable depending on the type of stairs, for example, it may be easier to use steel, which can easily be molded, for spiral stairs than wood or even stone.

Lastly, a staircase’s main function is to serve as a path for the household members to go from one level of the house to the other, either by ascending or descending. So aside from addressing this primary function, it is important that a stair will be designed to be safe for use. Whether the steps are too narrow or too wide, or the handrails too high or too low will play a crucial role when it comes to the safety of its users. With that, the stair parts are also essential because aside from the work and the design themselves, the stability and durability of the stair parts used are essential to avoid future accidents in the stairway.

Indeed, a good house should have a good stairway, which of course, requires good and sturdy stair parts.