Stair Railings Are Vinyl and PVC

Two materials which work great for front porch stair railings are vinyl and PVC. These materials are wonderful because they do not splinter, they are smooth to the touch, and they are slip-resistance for maximum safety. These materials are also extremely durable, hold up well to weather exposure, and they will not burn your hands during the summer because they do not hold heat like some materials. PVC is resistant to UV light, which will help prevent fading or other color changes due to sun exposure. Both vinyl and PVC come in many different colors and vinyl even comes in wood grain design if you want the look of wood, but the durability and ease of use of vinyl.

Wood front porch stair railings are another option that you may want to consider. Wood is a traditional material for homes that give character like nothing else. There are so many different varieties and species of wood that you can use to make your front porch stair railings. Cedar wood is a wonderful choice, because it offers you decay resistance, as well as being insect resistant. Cedar will also handle moisture much better than other wood species. You will find that there are other wood options that you may want to consider as well, including composite woods. Composite wood front porch stair railings will be durable, water resistant, and will need little maintenance. They are also decay, insect, and UV light resistance, which will help them to stay beautiful for many years. Composite wood does not splinter, either.

Iron front porch stair railings are another material to consider. Iron is widely used as a railing material due to its durability and strength. Iron offers you a beautiful way to help enhance your home. Iron is a wonderful material because it can be made in almost any design that you can think of-from animals to shapes to even letters. It is very durable and will probably outlast your home. You will love the classic look that iron can add to your front porch.

By choosing the right materials for you and your home, you will find that your front porch stair railings can be functional and enhance your home.