Staircase Marketing Concept – A Unique Marketing Strategy

We have all seen staircases, rising up to the next level. Some sweep to one side, elegantly; others are straight and direct; still others turn as individual landings are reached. Which style are you picturing right now? Or are you envisioning you’re sliding down the hand rail?

When I was younger, that is exactly what we did. We slid down the handrail in our older home and landed at the bottom on the floor; a black and white checkerboard floor. Our railing had a slight flattening portion at the end so that we could catch some air prior to the floor. The trick was to nail the landing and of course, the difficulty was dependent on how far up the rail we began.

Online marketing can be looked at as a staircase; a staircase with many landing areas on the way up.

Follow along here; each landing represents a goal needing to be reached for effective marketing strategies to work. The handrail is considered your ‘mentor’; there to assist you so you don’t fall. If your marketing staircase is without a handrail, your climb to the top level will be long, difficult and could be fatal.

Planning Your Staircase Marketing Concept

In planning your marketing strategy, the importance of marketing your business is directly related to your business success. Using the Staircase Marketing Concept strategy, write out your goals, starting from smallest. Listing each one as they come to mind then rearrange them in succession to achievement (easy to get completed to most difficult).

Each of these goals now represents your individual landing areas. Each landing area will have steps necessary to conquer before that landing area can be reached. Looking at one goal at a time, list out the steps that must be completed to reach it.

The more detailed you can get with your steps; the simpler that landing area is reached. You may see where your efforts are required and where you may need to ‘grab a hold of the railing’.

Each step will be necessary to engage. If you do take the time to write out your Staircase Marketing Concept, placing the correct marketing term within the stepping process, it won’t be long before you begin to see your marketing freedom taking shape. Practice with minor goals first and the small steps required to reach that intended goal before tackling the bigger ‘boys’.

Before long using this unique marketing strategy shall be easily incorporated into your daily routine and that ultimate goal may be easily obtained as well; by using the Staircase Marketing Concept.