Stairway Lifts For Residential and Commercial Use

Stairway lifts designed for residential and commercial use help physically challenged and aged individuals by providing safe and convenient floor to floor access. By using stairway lifts it is possible to provide your loved ones with freedom of mobility and an enhanced lifestyle.

Permits Easy and Comfortable Access to Various Floors

In order to facilitate easy and smooth access between the floors of your home or office, premium models of residential and commercial stairway lifts are offered. Stair lift models appropriate for straight and curved stairways can be bought. Therefore structural configurations of the stairways are not necessary. In addition, it is possible to mount these stair lifts on the left or right side of your stairway, according to your convenience.

Ensures Safe and Risk-free Movement

The safety features integrated in the different stair lift models include swivel seat, padded armrest seat belts and safety brakes. Many of the models are also provided with space saving options such as folding facility. Therefore the lift can be kept folded when it is not used. This enables others to conveniently use the stairway.

Stair lifts are also provided with obstruction sensors. These obstruction sensors detect the obstacles blocking the path and stop the lift automatically. Hence any chance of the user getting injured and the lift getting damaged is avoided. AC and DC model stairway lifts are available. The DC model stair lifts are provided with battery backups, therefore it is possible to operate the lift even during power failures. DC models are therefore a little bit expensive. In addition, customization of panels and other elements based on your specific requirements is also possible.

Purchase a Durable and Reliable Product

At present there are several companies in the industry offering different models of stair lifts. Before purchasing stair lifts, it is important to acquire a better understanding about the different models, incorporated technology and price ranges. A good awareness about the manufacturers is also desirable. The eminent manufacturers of stairway lifts, offering superior and reliable products include ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Bruno. These companies make their products available through their dealers. These dealers will provide all the support required for the installation and maintenance of the lifts.