Stairway to Heaven One of the Best Songs

Stairway to heaven is probably the most played and listened song in the radio stations. In is probably being played in everyday radio stations in America and England. It is understandable in a sense that it has a big fan base consisting of mostly people in their 30's and above. It is not surprising that the eight minute song is one of Led Zeppelin's best songs ever made. The song and the lyrics are magnificently crafted and it was complimented with amazing melodies. Just listening to the instruments alone is something worth hearing.

I myself am fascinated with the musical instruments and how it perfectly matches the song. It could not have been done any other way. In fact most of the fans in a recent poll survey voted that Stairway to Heaven was probably their number one choice when asked from the various hits made by Led Zeppelin. It is not surprising in a sense that most fans voted the song. The guitar alone made me want to cry. I practically practiced the guitar while I was in my teens. That was how I loved the song. My friends even used it to serenade ladies. I did not know why but maybe we did it for the fun of it.

Just listen to the song. I am sure that when you hear it you would probably feel something. It is a song that pierces the core of your heart. The song is a masterpiece and I could not imagine Led Zeppelin making a song better than Stairway to Heaven.