Stairway to Heaven Tabs – Part 1

I have taught Stairway To Heaven tabs more in my 20 years of teaching than anything else. It is the most popular song I have done the whole time. It's almost mystical to people learning to play guitar. Often times I will hear a student say, "Someday I would like to learn Stairway To Heaven". This is usually followed by comment about how they will probably never be able to play it. It's a very do-able song, but you got to put in the work.

Stairway To Heaven tabs are time consuming and there are a couple of very difficult chords in the song. But if you are serious about guitar you will put in the time to get it done. It's one of those songs that does not just hand itself to you. You got to work for it. If you take it a little at a time you will get it. But be patient.

The first A chord is tricky if you do not have a lot of practice with barring. There are other chords that may give you a little trouble but let's start with this one. If you're a chord is not ringing, try playing the 1st 3 strings on the 5th fret with the outside of your first finger. Many times this one change will help you get the bar chord ringing. You will not always have to do this, but it can get you going in less time.

Another chord that will give you trouble is the D / F # chord that is the 4th chord of the intro. You may be having trouble getting the first string to ring. Again try that one with the outside of your first finger. Now, the 3rd string may be dead sounding too. If this is the case, you need to get your 3rd finger up and over the 3rd string. This is the problem 99% of the time. It's tough to do, but with daily practice you will have it after a little while.

That will get you through the first progress. Keep working on it. It's a lot to do. Do not just try to do the whole song in one sitting. That's a very bad idea. There's just too much stuff in this tune this rush it. That's why I am breaking this lesson down into parts. To keep these techniques in mind, print out this page and put it right next to your Stairway To Heaven tabs.