Stamp Your Carbon Footprint With Eco-Friendly Flooring

If you are looking to remodel your floor, choose a flooring that is environmentally safe for you and your planet. There are safe eco-friendly choices of carpet, wood flooring, and natural stone tile that will improve our carbon footprint. Take a stance, and make a difference with your next flooring remodel project.

Installing new carpet or other flooring can fill the air with formaldehyde,benzene, and other harmful carcinogens. EPA studies show the levels are 5 to 10 times higher inside a home than they are outside. It is also noted that these carcinogens take years to dissipate.

EPA studies have shown that indoor pollutant levels can be two to five times higher than they are outside. Not to mention, harm from all the toxins used to treat carpeting. Furthermore, chemicals and allergens brought into the home from the yard and other places through foot traffic.

There are Several eco-friendly and recycled flooring options available today. Furthermore, choices that are hip, sleek, stylish, and inexpensive. These options allow you to unburden you and your family of unwanted toxin.

Try a nontoxic, green carpet with water and odor resistant barriers that prevent toxin build up. Buy a carpet made of natural fiber, no chemical treatment, and non toxic adhesives

You can find carpet made of 100% woven wool with vegetable-dyed yarn and natural latex glue. In addition, to a natural sisal or seagrass carpet that are eco-friendly.

When you decide to install your carpet, make sure to employ a company that uses eco-friendly products and materials. Ask that your installer uses tacking in order to avoid glues, therefore eliminating additional potentially harmful toxins. Also, see if the installation company recycles or donates your old carpet. There are millions of tons of carpeting that reside in our landfills, and dwell for thousands of years.

Maybe one day our society will completely evolve to 100% non toxic carpeting, or no carpet at all! Till then, one by one, we should begin improving our own carbon footprint by using tips like this when replacing our carpet.

Another option is FSC-certified hard wood flooring, a man made all natural wood floor that actually helps our environment. Sustainable wood floors are hypo-allergenic, don’t collect and trap dust and debris, and last for generations when properly maintained. This type of lumber is regenerated and conserved in certified forest around the world.

Hard wood floors can be finished many times over the course of its life span. Furthermore wood can be recycled for other projects. This is a great option that allows you to stamp your carbon footprint and really help the eco-friendly movement. In addition, you most certainly will increase the value of your home with this upgrade.

Natural stone tile flooring is a third option for your flooring. Natural stone tiling is absolutely beautiful and always an eye catcher. There are dozens of options to choose from. In particular, travertine, marble, and limestone are popular choices that offer an array of different characteristics, and functional uses. The best part, stone tiling is extremely eco-friendly, last forever if taken care of, and an instant upgrade from carpeting and other man made materials.

Whatever you decide between these three options, your decision will be an eco-friendly upgrade. As well as, an instant upgrade of your home. Make sure to employ an installation company that uses eco-friendly products and material. In addition to, recycling and disposing old material in an eco-friendly manner.