Starcraft 2 – Zerg Versus Zerg Basic Strategy

So you are playing another Zerg? Well this will be a true test of your skills. You have a few choices in the game and you also need to watch out for a few different kinds of attacks. The first attack you should watch out for is the speedling / baneling attack. You need to scout often to make sure our option is not building banelings. If you are not ready for this attack it can cripple your drones and effectively end the game very quickly. I would recommend also getting a few banelings and speedlings to counter this but I would not recommend getting a ton of banelings, just enough to take out his. Another thing you need to keep on eye on is a fast tech to mutalisks. This is easy to counter if you see it coming (the key in this type of game is to always know what your opponent is building). To counter mutalisks get hydralisks and you should not have any trouble taking him out.

Of course the main attack choice of a Zerg player is to go roaches / hydraliks so most of the games you play vs Zerg will go this way. The best way to win against this is to also go roaches / hydraliks but also grab a few banelings and if you use them correctly it will turn the game in your favor. In a Zerg vs Zerg game I would always grab a few banelings as they are the one unit that can get you the edge in a large battle.

Going back to the mutalisks for a second I would strongly recommend staying away from them yourself. The reason is simple, they take 100 gas to make and they get beat pretty easily by hydralisks which only take 75 gas to make. So you can see that going for mutalisks in this type of game is often a death wish for a Zerg player.