Start Your Garden With Cost Effective Garden Hand Tools

Basic garden hand tools are all you need to get a kitchen garden started. Garden hand tools are a great way to get that new garden started without spending an arm and a leg on garden gadgets that will do nothing but collect dust in the tool shed. The simple basic tools you will need for your garden are: a rake, a shovel, a hoe, and a trowel. For those of you that are doing a lot of separating or moving larger plants, a garden fork will be very handy. The garden fork is the best garden tool for turning cultivated soil and digging up bulbs and plants.

Make sure the garden tools you choose are easy to use. They should not feel heavy or cumbersome when you first handle them. Almost every garden tool is sold in an assortment of sizes and quality, so you should have an easy time of finding the right tools for your needs.

Good quality garden tools will simplify your work. Look for tools that have high carbon steel heads. They are generally labeled professional grade. Garden tools that have metal parts should indicate that they are forged or tempered, indicating they are made from a single piece of steel. Buy garden tools with fiberglass or hardwood handles. Avoid painted handles, as they often disguise the use of cheap softwoods. Also avoid tools that have an open -socket connection where the handle is fitted in an open back short metal collar. Garden tools with a solid-socket or solid -strap connection that connects the handle to the head with a long metal collar secured with pins are more durable and will last forever if maintained.

Follow these easy basic steps to maintain your garden hand tools:

1. Never put tools away wet.

2. Use an oily rag or some WD-40 to wipe down the metal parts to prevent rust.

3. Sand any rough spots on the wood handles and treat them with linseed oil at the end of the gardening season.

4. Store your tools in a dry place.

5. Use a flat or half-round bastard file to sharpen the beveled edge of a tool blade.

Just by following this advice for purchasing and maintaining your garden hand tools you will find more pleasure in your garden experience.