Starting a Cleaning Business, Get Free Cleaning Logo Ideas!

Did you recently get an LLC for your cleaning business but having a terrible time coming up with any logo ideas to go on your website and business card?

Have you been looking for free cleaning logo samples for weeks and all you can think of is a bucket and a broom or a mop?

Have you been surfing websites with pictures related to cleaning for your brand identity but to no avail?

Small startups face these issues because they do not have the appropriate knowledge and expertise of designing a logo but they still try to design it on their own. A well-designed logo has 3 key elements: Imagery, font, colors.

Here they are in detail …

Here Are 3 Free Cleaning Logo Ideas That Will Get Your Creative Juice Flowing ….

1) Best Color Combinations For Your Logo

Usually cleaning companies use shades of blue and white in their logos because these colors are associated with hygiene and purity. Not only this, blue color also symbolizes trust and dependency. Tans and grains appear good on a business card, but they do not really send the message of 'clean' like white does. Cleaning businesses are now increasingly using green and lemon color to signify the freshness and environmental-friendly element.

Green, brown, and some shades of yellow can give a feeling of dirt or grime, something you definitely want to avoid in a cleaning company logo.

2) The Imagery For Your Logo

Ensure that your logo makes sense. For example, a logo for a dry cleaning company that includes aircraft imagery serves no purpose, and will not be memorable. It does not mean that you should not be creative.

A leaf logo could be a great option if you focus on green cleaning. Just make sure that your imagination appeals to your target audience. The image to be used in your emblem depends upon what you want to covey to your target audience. It can be anything from shimmers, sparkles, glints, water, mop, duster and other cleaning equipment.

3) Logo Fonts

Decide one and stick with it. Make sure that it's very easy to read from a distance. Traditional font for details / small print is always easier to read than a script one, 'copperplate' is very businesslike. Select a crisp, elegant font but not a display font. Nothing bold. When designing your logo, use a different font for your tag line.

Once you have your logo designed, use it on every piece of marketing -no exceptions. Use the color palette from your logo to create your other marketing collateral. Get your cleaning business off to the best possible start by viewing free cleaning logos samples and getting cleaning logo ideas including carpet, window, house, dry cleaning, green, and blur business logos.