Step-By-Step 7 Days Muscle Building Plan

If you feel that you are not satisfied by the way you look, here are some tips that will help you out in reduction of your body fats and build up strong muscles.

The main features of gaining strong muscles and reducing the amount of fat in your body are as follows:

  • You should have a sound weight-training program. A high intensity program will lead to more usage of oxygen and therefore helps in raising the body temperature and, also helps in burning more calories.
  • Spend at least 45-60 minutes for your session session . You should perform these exercises in the gymnasium such as bench press, push-ups, and chin-ups twice a day if time permits. This will burn out the fat in your body and will not allow the fat to accumulate in the adipose tissue.
  • You should inculcating the habit of taking food items of high calorific value. This includes rice, wheat, pulses, meat, and fresh vegetables in your diet. Consumption of whole cleaned food is prescribed over manufactured and processed foods.
  • Cardiovascular exercises are suggested in order to optimize the loss of fat. This will add to your health and helps in building up the muscles. Do perform these exercises regularly, twice a day and add more to your muscles.
  • In the first day prevent the use of any machinery equipments, and start performing free hand exercises.
  • In the next day , start performing push-ups and chin ups. Continue this for a week or two, and then start using the machinery equipments.

The exercises when added to highly calorific diet results in carving out nice and strong muscles. After a month or a two when you put on the habit of working out everyday, start the usage of diet protein supplements.

However it is not mandatory, but you can, if you wish to have it. But for that you should undergo a heavy workout session, in order to carve out great muscles.

Start following these exercises along with the diet, and start raising up your muscles in 7 days.