Step by Step Female Orgasm Techniques

Shocking fact: 70% of females never have an orgasm during sexual intervention.

Yep, it's true.

Furthermore, about a third of all females anywhere have never had an orgasm, EVER.

Again, that's 100% FACT.

There are multiple reasons why this may be the case, and every female has a different set of circumstances for why they have never had an orgasm. Some of them are quite different and require counseling or medical intervention, such as a history of sexual abuse, or the extremely rare cases of women who can not orgasm based on medical problems.

However, for most women, the reason they have never orgasmed is very simple – they just have not met a man who can help them reach the "big O".

The reality is that women love sex. Way more than any guy ever could. Think about it. If you had ten THOUSAND times the amount of touch receptors in your skin, as well as the ability to have multiple orgasms all night long, do not you think sex would be better for you too?

However, women usually need a man who can lead them to orgasm. They've been told all their life that it's "dirty" or "slutty" or "wrong" to be forward at all in the areas of romance and sex. It's always the guy who has to go over and talk to her, the guy who has to get her number, the guy who has to initiate the sex. In the same way, it's the guy who has to help them reach orgasm.

So how does this relate to you?

It's simple. You need to take control of her sexual pleasure. That's not to say that she should just lay there and do nothing – in fact, that's a really quick recipe for disaster – but rather that you have to take the initiative during your sexual activiites.

Whilst whole ebooks can be (and have been) written on the subject of pleasing a woman during sex, I've written one myself in fact, which you can check out by clicking on the link in my author bio.

Having said that, in the space of this article, I will at least try to give you some really cool step by step female orgasm techniques, so here we go:

1. Build Sexual Tension / Attraction

You need to build attraction and sexual tension before you even start getting down to things. Women are very perceptive creatures and often know a lot more about us than we like. The way you think about yourself, the way you dress, the aftershave you are wearing, and so on all contribute to how this woman feels about you. And to be really, really good at making her feel really, really good, you need to build a strong attraction SEXUALLY. This is important because many women do not think about sex in the same way we do – they will sleep with someone because they "like" him, but because they're "attracted" to him sexually, probably largely because most women have not ' T gotten in touch with that really sexual part of themselves yet.

Exactly HOW to go about creating that sexual attraction is a subject all in its own, and it can be very hard to describe on paper. The best advice I can give you in such a short space is to believe you are desirable and sexy. That will project to her through thousands of subconscious signals and she will pick up on it. If you try and walk the walk without having the mental attitude to back it up, you'll just put the cart before the horse – and she'll see right through you.

2. Get Her To Relax

One of the largest factors in women not being able to orgasm is that they're not relaxed. During sex they're worried that their hair is bad, they are ugly, the lighting makes them look bad, their stomach looks big from that angle … whatever. It may be hard for us to understand, but it does happen.

The best way to combat this is to get her to relax and to feel comfortable around you. Try joking around with her, putting her at ease, all that sort of stuff. In addition, if you find she's tense, just focus on doing something that makes her feel good that is not necessarily sexual – massages are fantastic for this purpose, but there's a lot of other things that can work really well too – like just talking To her.

3. Be In The Driver's Seat

As we have discussed, most women will not advance things out of fear of seeming too "forward". So that means its up to you to take things to their natural conclusion. During each stage of the sexual process, from building tension, to light foreplay, to heavy foreplay, to the actual sex, you will need to guide her through each of these stages. Be firm but gentle, and if she says "no", then listen to her and stop. If she does not, however, take that as a green light to keep going.

4. Take Your Time

Nothing is more of a deal-breaker for a girl's orgasm than a guy who just wants to get naked and play "hide the sausage". You need to be more concerned with every single thing you are doing making her feel really, really good. Every part of a girl's body is very sensitive and receptive to any touch you might want to bestow upon it, so have fun. Nibble on her earlobes. Run your hands all over her body. Talk dirty to her (but not too dirty, keep it tame at first). Run your tongue over all the parts of her body that you are willing to. All these things help gradually build her into a sexually receptive mindset, which is when you can begin to really make her feel good.

5. Foreplay is Important

Once she's really starting to get horny – for example, she's breathing heavy, moaning a bit, you're both naked, and her vagina is wet and probably a little red and swollen – it's time to start making her feel good. Begin with some more "heavy" foreplay. Try fingering her or, if you and her are comfortable with it, going down on her. Do not stop until she's either had an orgasm (preferably more than one) or she just can not take it anymore and has to jump you.

You will find, at this point, that giving her orgasms is probably very easy, provided you pay attention to what she likes and what she does not and usefully use the clit and her G-Spot. These issues are, obviously, far too detailed ot be written in this article, but my e-book does include a thorough analysis of how to make her feel really good using these two areas (and everything else, for that matter).

As you may have noticed, an orgasm is the end result of a long result of effort applied in the right way. It takes work and preparation, but with the correct knowledge, you can easily give any woman an orgasm any time she wants one, in any position. The frequency and power of those orgasms will certainly increase with your skills improving, however, and that's why I recommend you seek out ways to further improve your knowledge – and then put it to the test. I'm sure she will not mind.