Stephen Hawking and Newest Black Hole Theory – Implications If Correct

Just when you thought you knew all about cosmology, a new theory comes up and the textbook editors wait for proof or consensus while they consider adding in that new information. A recent case in point is Stephen Hawking’s latest new theory on Black Holes. Not long ago, an acquaintance asked me what I thought about this – let’s talk shall we?

Yes, I was intrigued by Stephen Hawking’s latest theory on black holes and information storage at the event horizon, also how the Holographic Universe folks (often chastised to no end) are using this Hawking publicity to further their agenda and theories as well. This concept of event horizon storage of information does make sense, although it shoots down other past theories of matter being pulled apart by the massive gravity once inside.

If his theories are correct it would be nice to read information on the event horizon and send that back to Earth and learn of the galaxies earliest days. Of course, we couldn’t read the information exactly that easy, as the information would be completely scrambled, but it would give us some pretty good clues.

Now then, I also think it has implications for the vortex flows at the atomic level as the electrons whirl around atoms, It would be nice to link all this together into one nice neat theory of everything. Further, it seems as if; as matter comes into existence from nothing that it might then be encoded by the new introduced energy as to how to act in this realm with our current dimension’s rules of physics.

As nothing exists between everything, it must cause a huge force of vortex energy pulling matter around it, like a micro-black hole, well kind of. This constant energy could be what powers our world as we are constantly looking for signs of dark energy, or dark matter. Information is a metaphor but what if energy, light, matter and information are all the same thing at that point?

Does this sound bizarre to you? Well it shouldn’t, as it seems to be the way of nature right? Even inside ourselves as humans. I mean Stem Cells are without information, waiting for instructions. RNA, DNA are instructions waiting for a place and time to replicate, like a zip-file, or computer program in a thumb drive or even a seed which might one day become a tree in the woods.

Maybe everything is really simple in that regard, the old renews the information for the new, it’s all one, it is the way of things. Any abstract thoughts like this – you have? Any thoughts on theoretical physics taken to the next level, I’d love to hear from any of my readers, any new concepts or theories along these lines?