Steps in Replacing Hand Rail Brackets

Is the staircase in your home already old? Are the stair railings wobbly? If this is the case, then you may need to change your railings entirely or perhaps just the hand rail part.

Keep in mind that the railings serve as protection to people using the stairs every day. They need to be sturdy and secured well to their posts to allow for a safe ascent and descent. The rails, specifically the hand rails, are what people hold on to when they go up and down the house the very reason why they have to be fixed right away should they become wobbly.

If this is your problem, then one of the main parts you will need to check and repair are the hand rail brackets. These brackets are those that secure the hand rail to the wall and the rail posts through the use of screws. Rails that wobble can be due to screws that become loose.

Let’s say you want to remodel your staircase and replace your old rail brackets. The first step is to remove the old brackets by unscrewing them using the appropriate screw driver. Start from the ends to ensure that the handrail’s weight is still evenly supported. Then get the exact size of the bracket before you order for the new ones.

If you’re not sure about the size and you plan to get the new ones from your local store, you can bring the old bracket along and show it to the sales staff. This is the best way to get the perfect match for your rail.

Before installing your new brackets, check that the old ones were screwed to the wall studs. If this is so, you can attach the new ones to the same framing. Screwing to a wall stud or any solid framing is important to ensure that your handrail will be secured well in its place.

Typically, hand rail brackets are placed 48 inches apart while hand rails should be installed at a height of 34 to 38 inches from the stair treads. But as a reminder, do not just rely on screwing your new brackets to the old holes. You have to create new holes apart from the old ones to make a sturdy installation.

If you’d like to use all the new holes, don’t forget then to patch the old holes using spackling compound. After it has dried, sand it lightly before priming and painting it.

There are many styles of brackets today that can help achieve the unique effect you want. Whether you want to provide a simple look to your hand rails or you want the staircase to be the center of attraction in your home, there are styles to suit every discerning taste. You can also choose to use those that hold entirely the rail or those that are just hidden on the sides.

For remodeling purposes, you can also change your existing hand rail if you so desire. Be sure to get the measurement of the old one to make it easy for you to order.