Steps That Homeowners in Epsom Can Take to Improve Energy Efficiency

The popular market town of Epsom in Surrey is well known for its historic past and spa town status. Used by the aristocracy and nobles in the past for important meetings, the spas were popular with a number of wealthy families who also were also catered to with various other entertainments. Furthermore, the town is home to the famous salts that everyone in Britain knows well.

This town is, however, now as modern as any other in the United Kingdom, and is subject to the same forward thinking energy efficient movements and budget restraints that affect the population of the rest of the country.

Indeed, Epsom and Ewell Borough Council is committed to taking steps to reduce the impact that local energy use has on the climate and global warming. The council has said that part of this commitment is to encourage various energy efficient methods to be taken by local homeowners and landlords.

Secondary glazing and double glazing are two things that people in the town are investing in to fulfill this agenda. The council has stated that not only can installation of these windows reduce the amount of heating needed in a property, but also that people living in homes in the area can enjoy reduced bills too.

There is a plenty of suppliers of double glazing in Epsom, but it can be difficult to know who to trust and which kinds of windows to spend you money on. With that said, here are a few steps to take in order to ensure you get great service and excellent value for money.

The first thing is to check the experience of the individuals fitting your windows and their knowledge of the industry in general. Many people often opt to go for the most inexpensive supplier, but this can be a misleading choice to make, as badly installed windows can result in inefficient windows, complete with air leakage, structural damage to the window frame and more.

The question you should there ask is how long has the professional been working in this field and how much full time experience have they had in this particular role. If the professional you have chosen is worth his salt he will be open and honest with you about his experience and be happy to tell you about the projects he has already completed for other clients in the area.

The next question that is absolutely essential to ask your supplier of double glazing in Epsom is what accreditations the professional has. Often this is a big indicator of whether you can expect a quality product or something subpar and amateur.

Some of the accreditations that you should be looking at include ones from the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the British Board of Agrement (BBA), as these are essential as evidence that what your supplier and fitter is doing is a quality job. Ask any professional if they have these and consider it a risky endeavour if they do not and you still want to proceed.

The third and final question that you should ask any supplier of double glazing in Epsom is whether or not there are any guarantees and after service included in your package that you have bought. Some providers will only supply the material and fit the windows, yet others will include interesting benefits as part of their services.

Some providers will guarantee their windows for long periods of up to eight to ten years, and others will provide an emergency call out service absolutely free of change for a determined period of time. These are all very useful to have, and you should expect at least a minimum of a guarantee and after sales support, just in case you really need it.